Thursday, July 12, 2012

a pinterest project...

With Braden's Mother's Day Out program taking a break for a couple of weeks, I have been trying to keep him entertained during these long hot days.  Since it is SOOO hot, we have been having to find most of our entertainment indoors.  I have seen a really cute idea for snacks on Pinterest, but have not found a good time to make them.  Well, today was the day!  It was our turn to bring snacks to his t-ball game tonight so I thought it would be a fun project for him to do during the day and a yummy, healthy snack for the kids to have after their game.  Luckily, I had all the supplies already in my craft closet. 

So here is what we did:


-Clothes pins
-Wiggly eyes
-Adhesive dots (or glue)
-Pipe cleaners
-Snack size baggies
-Goldfish (or snacks of choice)

First, I let Braden paint the clothes pins to the colors of his choice.  He picked out a paint set with blue, yellow and red.  Then, we used adhesive dots to put the eyes on the clothes pins.  Glue would have worked better but I decided the painting was a big enough mess and the dots would be quick and easy, and less mess!

Then, we got our grapes (washed, of course) and goldfish.  I took about a handful of goldfish and handful of grapes and put them in the baggies, keeping them on separate sides.  I folded the zipper down to the back side of the baggie so it wouldn't be seen and gathered the baggie in the middle.  Clip the clothes pin to the middle of the baggie.  To make the antenna of the butterfly, take the pipe cleaners and cute them in half.  Bend in the middle to make a "V" and then curl the ends.  I just clipped the antenna with the baggie.  I wish I had glued them on, though, because when the kids took the clothes pin off the antenna fell to the ground.   

Here was the final product:

Braden was so proud to pass out his "butterfly snacks" to his teammates tonight.  The kids loved them and they were super easy to make!  And they gave us a fun project to do together while little brother was napping!

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