Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The start of something new.... here it goes.  The start of our family blog.  I have always enjoyed reading blogs of friends and family, and some that I just happen to stumble upon.  But I never thought that I could have one of my own.  I've never prided myself in writing, was always horrible at English class in school.  And I also worried about not knowing how to design a blog, to make it look cool and fun like some of my friends. Then I had thoughts like, "Is my life really that interesting that people would want to read about it?"  No, not really.  After giving it a little more time and thought, I've decided that I really just want to start a blog for my family.  To record funny stories, milestones, pictures, our favorite recipes, and other random ramblings {as if Facebook, Shutterfly and Pinterest were not enough}.  It really doesn't matter to me if anyone reads it.  I just hope that some day we can look back on it and laugh at some of the funny things my kids say or do and remember the love we have for life and for each other.

So there ya have it.  I can't offer much to readers out there yet.  Just our crazy little life with two boys!