Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fishing with Grandpa...

Becoming a parent is one of life's greatest joys.  Such a precious gift we are given.  Along with becoming a parent, another joy has been to watch my parents and in-laws become grandparents.  There is just something about that grandparent-grandchild relationship that is so special.  I have great relationships with all of my grandparents and many, many memories to look back on and many more yet to make. 

In my family, there are two girls.  My dad was consumed with all things girl when we were growing up.  I think he was really looking forward to my sister and I getting married so that he would have some male interaction in the family.  When my husband and I found out that our first baby was a boy and we shared the news with the family, you could just see the look of pride in my dad's eyes.  Our family, once over-run with all things girl, has now become ALL BOY!  My husband and I now have two boys and my sister has one, so far.  We are convinced that there will be all boy grandchildren! 

So since that day that we shared the news of the first BOY in the family, I have really looked forward to watching that relationship between my dad and his first grandson grow.  I love hearing stories of my dad and his grandpa and all the things they used to do together.  The things he used to teach my dad.  My dad is a man's man - he loves sports, hunting, fishing, power tools, building things, history, music, etc, etc.  As Braden has grown older, Dad has been able to show him and teach him more and more of those things.  But I think one of my Dad's greatest loves has to be fishing. 

About 6 weeks ago, Braden had his first fishing adventure with Grandpa.  (He has gone fishing before at family reunions, but not just with Grandpa).  It wasn't very long, mostly because at 3 years old, it's a little difficult to hold his attention for longer than three minutes!  But it had just been me and my mom and the boys for most of the weekend since my dad and husband were out of town on a business trip.  Braden had asked almost everyday when "Papa" was going to be home.  Every time I told him he would say, "I want to go fishing with Papa."  So when Dad got home, he was bombarded with the request to go fishing.  He packed everything up, including my first Mickey fishing pole for Braden, and headed over to one of the ponds in their neighborhood.  Dad decided it probably was not a good idea to put a hook on his line since he was just learning, but to Braden, he was fishing.  It made no difference to him.  I mainly went along because I'm pretty much obsessed with taking pictures and making sure I capture every little moment of my kids lives.  {I know, I'm one of those Moms}  This picture just captured everything that I had ever imagined for my little boy and his Grandpa.  It is definitely a framer...

This past weekend we went back for another visit and Daddy was with us.  Grandpa had already planned for them to go fishing again since they didn't catch anything the first time.  This trip, Braden got a bobber and a hook on his line.  He caught TWO FISH!  He had a little help, but he did most of it on his own!  He was so excited to tell me when he got back to the house.  He said, "It was really slimy!  But I petted it!" 

I absolutely love having boys.  I love watching them play in the dirt, play with a ball, and catch their first fish with Grandpa.  The greatest joys of my life.  Coop - your turn is coming buddy, just give it a couple years!

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