Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pumpkin Bird Feeder

I love Fall.  I love pumpkin everything.  I love pumpkin patches.  And I love that they give you a cute little free pumpkin.  

One day a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon an article on Martha Stewart about what to do with the seeds from your pumpkin.  One of the ideas was to make this super cute bird feeder.  

Braden really loved carving pumpkins this year so I knew this would be a project he would enjoy.  So one afternoon while baby brother was napping, we picked out one of the pumpkins we took home from the pumpkin patch and got to work.  

We started out by cutting the pumpkin in half and pulling out all the insides.

Then, we made a ridge around the rim to add the seeds for some decoration.  We also found a couple little sticks to add for a place for the bids to land on.  To hang the feeder, we found some twine that I had already and cut 2 equal strands and attach them to the bottom with a thumbtack and tied the ends together at the top.

Braden was so proud of his little feeder!  

He had to get up in the tree and admire it.

And just because he's so cute....my little pumpkin patch buddy.

 Picking out his pumpkin

Happy Fall and Happy Pumpkins!

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