Friday, September 28, 2012

Featuring.....Dress TWO Dream

About a month ago, a friend of mine from high school contacted me about a new business she and a friend had started.  The company specializes in dress up attire for little ones - mostly capes and tutus.  She had noticed all of my posts and pictures of Braden loving super heroes, and most importantly Oklahoma State, and selected him to make a special OSU cape.  In return, I promote her business.  I am so, so excited to do this for her, not only because Braden got a cool OSU cape, but the philanthropic concept behind the business.

Dress TWO Dream is based out of Phoenix, Arizona where its two owners live with their families.  Here is the description from their Facebook page:
"Dress TWO Dream takes pride in enabling parents and children the ability to make a difference and give hope to children in need and make dreams come true. For every tutu or cape purchased, Dress TWO Dream will donate one tutu or cape to a child in need or in the hospital. To complete the pact, Dress Two Dream has attached a half heart embellishment to each dress up item purchased and the coordinating half is donated to the child in need. Also, shortly after the donation is made, a member from Dress Two Dream will follow up with a short story about the life that was impacted because a tutu or cape was purchased. This follow up email or letter will allow the child the opportunity who purchased the item to realize the impact of that purchase.

Donations are made, but not limited to:
-Children's Hospital
-Ronald McDonald House
-Special Olympics/Best Buddies

Specializing in dress-up, holiday and special event inspired attire, Dress TWO Dream provides children with the means to create and explore the depths of their imagination, and channel the creativity that is inside of each one of us.

Dress TWO Dream was founded by Cianne Hensley and Veronica Frost. Cianne is blessed with two boys and Veronica with one girl and all are the inspiration for this shop. Our passion and heart is raising our children and having the ability to make a difference in the community, and Dress TWO Dream enables us to combine our passions and instill the same love and passion in our children.

All products are $30, and custom orders may have additional charges, keep in mind that all capes are reversible. Please contact us with ordering requests via a facebook message or email us at

"You're off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So...get on your way!" -Dr. Seuss"

What a great way to show love to others!  I am just so honored that they chose Braden to receive one of their special products.  He was SO excited when it came in the mail and literally wore it for the whole day.  He puts it on almost every day to play super heroes....or to take a walk to feed the ducks.

Here are a few pictures of his awesome cape...

My favorite part is the little heart.  I was also very impressed with the quality of their product.  It will definitely last a long time and through many super hero adventures!

Cianne, thank you again.  We are so proud to show off Braden's cape and even more proud to tell people about your business and the heart of its owners.  Many lives will be blessed by your generosity!

To order a creation from Dress TWO Dream, here is a link to their Etsy shop and Facebook page.  They just posted some new capes and tutus in time for Halloween.


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